About Us


Our objective is to bring our retail buyers a whole new source of unique products from around the world. By placing all these vendors in one easy to use location on the web we save you time to run your business while allowing you access to novel products just as if you attended many trade shows. Each vendor on this site has been screened by us before they are able to sell their products on our website. We feel comfortable that they run a professional wholesale business and will fulfill all orders placed with them. Please contact us if you have any problems.

Online trade show format. We put the buyers and sellers together and assist our buyers to find new resources for products. We also make ordering easier by allowing you to order online, as well as, print catalogs made into PDF files that you can view or download on our website. We will assist buyers with any trouble they have with an order, shipping or any other concerns. We will also let you know by email what sales are starting with your favorite vendors so you can get your orders in quickly. We have top selling lists of products for each company if you would like help with what is best to order.

As you use the site you will see many products from a variety of wholesalers. Some sellers have only a few products and others have a much larger selection ranging into the thousands. You can only place an online order with one vendor at a time on our website. Each order you place is direct with the company you are ordering from and not with Shophereshopthere. We just host the vendors so you can shop their lines online.

You can buy from multiple vendors in one place with just one password and username. All your orders placed here go directly to the vendor you are buying from and there is no cost to use our website. You are paying the vendors wholesale prices from their catalog.

Please remember that our site is an online trade show and that we only represent the sellers featured. If you do not like buying online you can use the vendor links to link directly to their website or social media accounts.

Each seller has their own policies and business practices which you will find summarized on each seller’s unique main vendor page. Each wholesaler who sells here has their own unique vendor page where you will find what you need about the company. When you order you are buying directly from the wholesaler or artisan and not from Shophereshopthere, though we provide the format for your transaction.

On the top banner you will find navigation links to the Home page which is the key navigation page of the website.

The Home Page– This is the main navigation page for the website.
Vendors – Find a list of vendors alphabetically
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Category – Likely the easiest way to search. Click the category you like and see all vendors who sell this category of products.
Product Search – searches all products from all companies for the items you are looking for.
Featured Vendors – These are some of our top selling lines.

Closeouts and Sales – Favorite location to find 50% off products and Sales.