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Whether you are a new customer or an old friend, you will find our growing collection of holiday memorabilia and vintage reproductions is inspired by Bethany’s passion for anything old with a story to tell, and her love of original folk art. To that end, she is working with some of the most innovative and creative folk artists in the country, bringing their wonderful handmade designs to a broader public. “Dee Foust Collectibles,” “Hobgoblins” from the vintage collection of Bruce Elsass, “Trout Creek Tales” by Virginia Betourne and “Dresden Star Heirloom Ornaments” by Gail and Glenn Giaimo are our licensed artists from last year. Casey Mack, who creates vintage-inspired, delightful small-scale wonders from cardboard, glitter and paper; and Greg Guedel whose fanciful woodcarvings will be reproduced and hand-finished in every magical detail. We also have licensed woodcarver Tony Costanza of “Captured Carvings” whose primitive folk style has a rough-hewn beauty that has garnered him national acclaim. Bethany Lowe Designs is excited to have these talented artists as part of our creative team. Originality, creativity and a sense of design continues to keep Bethany Lowe Designs in the forefront of the marketplace -- featuring the collectibles of today inspired by holidays past. Together, we all invite you to share our passion for nostalgic holiday memorabilia, and hope you will be inspired to “build a tradition” of your own.