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D-n-D Ranch Aromas began this journey in 2008 as a small family business simply for the love of animals. With an animal sanctuary of 34 (currently) and a love for candles, we started hand pouring candles with distinctive scents as a way to feed the many mouths that live at the D-n-D Ranch in Colorado. Over the years, we’ve expanded our product line beyond candles and take great pride in delivering exceptional handmade products to homes all across America. It’s a joy to continue to do something we love while supplementing our income to take care of our “animal family.”  

Each item we offer is hand poured, handmade and of excellent quality. Our Soy candles are made with a Wood Crackling Wick and our proprietary Soy/Vegetable Soy Blend wax. Our Soy Wax Melts are made with 100% Soy. Our handmade Lip Balm is made with Candelilla Wax and additional ingredients that have the specific intent to create an exceptional, smooth lip balm. Our Hand/Body Lotion is our ever-so-popular Luxurious blend that contains added ingredients to ensure this lotion is silky smooth and so divine. Our Face/Hand/Body Lotion is made with wonderful ingredients, making this lotion delicate enough to use on your face and exceptional for hand and body use.

We take pride in choosing very soothing scents and creating unique combinations that have universal appeal – and our customers are fanatical about their favorites.

We stand behind our product. We care deeply about our customers and we are grateful that you chose us. At D-n-D Ranch Aromas, The Country Smells SOY GoodTM.  

Due to all products being handmade, please allow 7-10 days processing time.