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 Where can our fragrances take you?

Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory, and one breath of a cherished aroma can transport us back to treasured days of our childhood, pristine landscapes, and the sweet fragrances of some of our most joyful experiences.

At Passport Candles LLC, we craft our custom candles with artisanal paraffin blended wax and painstakingly crafted oils to perfectly capture the scents of lands near and far.

Combining a love for travel and their aromatic expertise, the owners have learned to capture the scents of some of their favorite destinations in their hand-poured candles so that you can experience them in the comfort of your own home! Be transported to far off lands everyday as you enjoy our high quality essential oils, generously added to our even-burning paraffin blend for unique, complex fragrances found nowhere else.

Continue exploring the site to learn more about our custom scented candles, hand-poured and meticulously crafted in Southern Louisiana, and available anywhere in the continental US!

Life is about the journey, let Passport Candles take you there!

SIGNATURE CANDLE SCENT COLLECTION - - Packaging colors are foil stamped logos on silver ribbon with lime accents on labels


FIRST CLASS - Dark Chocolate, Amber, White Lily - best seller

BELIZE - Green Mango, Sweet Papaya, Black Orchid - fruity

MARSEILLE - Divine Lavender, Sea Salt, Fresh Water - relaxing

MARRAKECH - Heavy Incense, Smoky Woods, Rich Clove - gift for men

OLD QUEBEC - Patchouli, Warm Amber, White Oak - top seller

HONEYMOON - Mild Antique Rose, Light Citrus - wedding gift

SHANGHAI - Fresh White Tea, Red Quince, Lime Blossom - light & airy

BARCELONA  Red Currant, Fresh Lime, Flower Blossom - berries

BON VOYAGE - Lemon Zest, Fresh Crushed Mint, Lime Leaf - think champagne                                                                      

 ISLANDER CANDLE SCENT COLLECTION – Packaging colors are foil stamped logos on lime ribbon with orange accents on labels


TORTOLA - Clean Notes of Blue Water, White Cotton - clean scent

KEY WEST - Ripe Grapefruit, Cassis, Tangerine - tropical

SOUTH PADRE - Fig Leaf, Black Fig, Intense Clean - figgy

BABBADOS - Sweet Pineapple, Plumeria, Hibiscus - think flowers

COCO CABANA - Coconut, Lime, Roasted Vanilla - pina colada


 SENTIMENT CANDLE SCENT COLLECTION - Packaging colors are foil stamped logos on fuchsia ribbon with light pink accents on labels


SASSY - Gardenia, Jasmine, Warm Amber - beautiful flowers

SERENITY - Lavender, White Orchid, Lilies - calming

BLISS - Patchouli, Fresh Melon, Passionflower - Janna's favorite

INDULGENCE - Clean Cotton, Cypress, Rosemary - rich scent


PASSION - Sandalwood, Light Citrus, Oleander - warm scent

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